Drinking responsibly

As one of our core values at Eagle Distilleries Company is responsible drinking, this page provides a guideline on how to enjoy the socially acceptable and responsible quantities of alcohol. We provide the markets we operate in with high quality alcohol to be part of your life journey and do not intend to promote the misuse of our brands.

Here are the actions we do to ensure that our customers drink responsibly:

  1. In our marketing program we ensure to target adults and always promote responsible drinking in our messaging.
  2. We support initiatives and campaigns that promote drinking responsibility.
  3. We establish collaboration with transportation companies to ensure that our customers do not drink and drive.
  4. We offer our free support to everybody who wants to drink responsibly or wants to know more about it.

What can you do?

Alcohol affects people and their bodies differently according to gender, weight, ability to process, alcohol tolerance and many other conditions. The following tips explain how to be safe while drinking:

  1. Try to keep track to how much you drink.
  2. Drink water in the same ability of alcohol you are drinking, to help your body in staying hydrated.
  3. Eat some snacks before and during alcohol consumption and consider a meal after drinking.
  4. Do not drink and drive, call a taxi, ask someone to drive you.

Do you need more information or support in this matter? Email us on drinkresponsibly@eagledis.com and our team will be glad to help you!