The Eagle Distilleries

Following his passion for spirits and wines Mudieb M. Haddad founded Eagle Distilleries Company in 1953.

He built several copper pot stills to craft Arak and Brandy, which are still being used today.

In the 1960s the company took a major leap in the alcohol manufacturing industry by increasing its capacity through fermenting and distilling alcohol using a column distillery method. Growing rapidly, Eagle Distilleries Company started to produce many products under license of major brands in the United Kingdom, Scotland and France.

In 1975 the Eagle Distilleries winery and cellar were established to produce the finest and most unique wines. At the turn of the new century, the Haddad Estates & Vineyards were acquired by the edge of the Arabian Desert, offering one of the most unique terroir in the world.

Today we produce arak, brandy, gin, vodka, whisky, liqueur, rum and wine. Eagle Distilleries is a market leader in manufacturing spirits and winemaking in Jordan with a footprint ranging from Australia to the USA.

Our Values

Quality comes first: Even if quality comes at a higher cost, we always strive to make sure that our products are always of the highest quality.

Equality: At our diverse environment, we do not discriminate against any gender, race, religion, age, disability or based on any other factor.

Drinking responsibility: We provide the markets with high quality alcohol to be part of the customers’ life success journey and do not intend to promote the misuse of our brands. We believe in and promote alcohol as an enjoyment to celebrate life achievements.

Innovation: Our research and development team is constantly creating new formulas, approaches and innovation to improve our liquids and bring them to perfection.