Alcohol is a colorless, inflammable volatile liquid. It's the intoxicating principle of liquors formed from certain sugars by fermentation. Its chemical term is ethyl alcohol (ethanol, C2H5OH) and it serves in medical and commercial uses. It is best stored at room temperature and away from any source of heat. There is no shelf life for alcohol.

Medical Alcohol

It is an ethyl alcohol that is free from impurities (higher alcohol) resulting from the process of diluting pure alcohol which is formed from the fermentation and distillation of carbohydrates and sugar compounds at 70-85% V/V at 20° centigrade.

It is used in hospitals, labs and restaurants for sanitation and sterilization.

Industrial Alcohol

It is a clear ethyl alcohol which has an alcoholic strength of 94-96% V/V at 20° centigrade. It is produced from distilling alcohol which results from the distillation of pure alcohol. It contains fusel oil which is a by-product of ethanol fermentation.
It is used in printing, cleaning weapons, paints factories and others.

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